As Songwriters, we are in the “communication business” and want to express our signature message, inner most thoughts, feelings and fantasies. Sometimes this is easier said than done. Where do you find people that you feel comfortable sharing with? If you are an artist with an idea in your head and need to get it out but don't know how, or if you are looking for music, lyrics, or help bringing your idea to life, I would love to assist you in expressing your vision, to find and communicate your special message the world needs to hear. 


It is very exciting to collaborate and not feel “alone” in the process.

Music Projects:


If you need a song or music for a project whether it be for Film, Commercial, TV,  Fashion Show, etc. my team and I  are here to execute your concept. We love music and love creating it.  Its what we do!


 Wherever you are in the process, my team and I can meet you where you are from a simple session to hash out your idea, demo creation, or full music production.  (Samples from previous work available upon request) 


Tell us about your project here: